Blackness Yes!

Blackness Yes! is a community-based committee that works year-round to celebrate Black queer and Trans history, creativity and resistance. Our mandate is to create a space for LGBTTI2QQ folks of African decent and their friends, loved ones and supporters. We work to affirm, celebrate and ensure visible Black LGBTTI2QQ communities within Pride; to create a Black cultural space within Pride that any Black or Black affirming person can be a part of; and to create a vehicle for HIV/AIDS information dissemination. We create spaces of resistance and celebration at Toronto’s Pride festival and at other community-based events year-round in Toronto.

We are committed to anti-oppression, (self) love freedom and justice. We are a space of resistance and actively fight systemic racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, classism and colonialism. We are anti- imperialism and are against the occupation of Palestine and Turtle Island.

Blackness Yes! is a committee made up of members of black queer and trans communities that volunteer their time to put together this stage every year. We are happy to be working with members across of our communities to bring you a truly diasporic array of entertainment.


The Blockorama stage has been one of most enjoyable and dynamic stages at Toronto’s Pride celebrations for the past 18 years. Located in the TD Main Stage/Wellesley Parking Lot, the site is a powerful space uniting and engaging communities through musical performances, words, images and dance. This year be you will be treated to 11 hours of solid programming!

We never stop bringing you fierceness, and realness!


Blockobana is a labour of love for Blackness Yes. We strive every year to bring queer, family style picnic vibes to Caribana weekend. Join us in 2017 for our 7th event Blockobana, 5 hours of black love!

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